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This site is dedicated to the sweetest little cat I have ever, or will ever know.


I must have redone this site a dozen times, especially this part. Always knowing in my mind what I wanted it to be like but not able to quite get it right. I've been to other sites people created in honor of their fur children and was always impressed with the look and layouts I've seen, but mostly what stuck out is how their stories touched me. I'm not very good with words so please forgive me if I seem to ramble.

I was excited about buying a brand new home in Aug'07. We had never lived in a new house, always lived in apartments and a condo. Never had a yard to mow or fence in so the cats could go out and enjoy the outdoors in relative safety. Until now. But, it was shortly after moving in here that I found out Monkey had cancer. So basically from the time we moved in until her passing in Mar'08, was spent worrying and caring and spending every minute I could with her. And you know what? I hate this place. I still haven't unpacked after 10 months. No pictures on the walls. Just have out what I need to get through the day, everything is still in boxes. I miss the old condo. We were all together there many years. Now it seems so long ago.

I don't really want to get into a long play by play of every new symptom and setback that Monkey had since getting sick. Its a long sad story, one that replays in my head every day. Day in and day out I feel the sadness and guilt and anger. All the coulda's, woulda's and shoulda's that are so easily visible now as I look back. I thought then I was doing everything as I should for her, looking back, I feel I let her down. If only I knew then what I know now. I never thought the vets would end up being our worst enemies. I am amazed by the utter  incompetence, non caring and one guy who I think might be a sadist. All I have to say is...pathetic. If I had the money, I would spend every penny of it making their lives a living hell. It's kind of hard to express my disgust with these freaks without using a lot of ugly language and descriptions of what I fantasize about doing to them, so I will just leave it at that. I think I made my point though.

Sorry, needed to vent.

On a lighter note....

Monkey had been with me over 17 years, almost half my life! Monkey was born in Oct'90 and was with me until Mar'08. She was one of a litter of three and the mother and her brother and sister are still with me. Kind of makes me feel cheated. Ok, not kind of. I feel cheated.

Monkey and me were the closest of the bunch. She slept with me every night and sought me out during the day. None of the other cats really do that. Monkey did this funny thing when I would be on the computer too long, she would stand up on her hind legs with a front paw on the seat of the chair and, tap, tap, tap me on the back and run away. Then I'd say "ok, ok just a few more rounds". Then 15 minutes later if I was still gaming, tap, tap, tap again. Silly thing.

She did the sweetest thing every night when she would come to bed. She would jump on the bed and walk up to me and I would go to give her a smooch and she would turn her head sideways and stick her cheek out allowing me to give her a peck her on the cheek. It seemed a very human-like behavior to me sometimes. I sometimes wonder if she was a person in another life. Not that I believe in reincarnation or anything like that, but she made me wonder.

Every day that we are apart is just one day closer to us being together.

I miss you, Monkey. Daddy loves you now and forever.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I did a good job on the site. Enjoy.




This picture is a still shot from a video I took in September of '07. Its one of the first times Monkey ever went outside in her life! I moved into a new house in August of '07 and finally got a place that wasn't an apartment or condo and actually had a backyard. I was specifically looking for someplace that had a nice yard that I could fence in so the kids could go outside for the first time in their lives and be safe. I never lived anywhere like that before so I never let them out for fear they could get lost or hurt. I only wished she could have been around for a couple more years to be able to enjoy it more, because she did love going outside.