Just a fuzzy memory

The Case of the Missing French Fry

One day I came home with some fast food carry-out. Burger and fries I think it was.

At the time, Monkey was secluded in a small area (about a 4'x6' area) recuperating from a broken hip.              Her movement had to be limited for recuperation. Not wanting her to be alone in her semi-caged in area, this became my new hang out/sleeping area too.

So anyway, I went to go eat with Monkey. 

I went up with my food and set it down and realized I forgot something...napkins, I think it was. I placed the food down, the fries and burger were all on one of those carry out drink trays, you know? Monkey was sitting on her butt about a good foot or foot and a half away from the food.

A safe distance I assumed...

So I goes to get a napkin and come right back.

Monkey, seemingly, hasn't moved an inch.

But she's looking at me in a funny way, eyes as wide as can be and all anxious and mischievous looking at the same time.

Kind of hard to describe, but she looks like she's going to burst.

I look at her and squint my eyes suspiciously and say...

"What are you up....?"

Right in mid-sentence, I looked down and what do I see between her front paws?

A French fry!!

I say "Hey!"

And she lets out the cutest, funny, and loud "reowr!!"

So I laugh, and look at her and said "Oh, go ahead"

As soon as I said that she proceeds to devour the fry. 

I'll never forget that.

It always brings a smile to my face.

And a tear to my eye.

I miss my little girl.
















Hey, you! Got a fry?

Look at those big, beautiful eyes. I miss that silly little face.