I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to signs from beyond and such but....I mean, what are the odds of randomly throwing socks into a pile over a few weeks and they happen to look like my cat that just passed? But what does it mean?  Does it mean anything?

The funny thing about it also is that she used to always steal the socks out of the laundry basket and drag them all over the house if I didn't leave them put up in the closet. I'd come upstairs and there would be a half dozen socks all over the place. At night she would get them and drag them downstairs and just sit there and howl, what a goofball.

Sometime I think, how could it not mean anything? But what? I know her passing was very hard for me, and still is. Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to?  I spoke with an Animal Communicator and showed her the sock pictures and she said Monkey was responsible and it was a sign that she's still with me. I hope so.

What do you see in the previous picture? Please post a comment here or send an email to Monkey.  I really would like to know what you think. Thanks.





















This is just a pile of black dress socks and a tee shirt that were randomly thrown into a pile from where I slept at night in the weeks after Monkey's passing. I would fall asleep watching TV with my clothes on and in the middle of the night, wake up and pull my socks off and just toss them. This was the only pile that they made, there were other socks that were scattered around that weren't part of the pile so I picked them up.

I'm not sure when I first noticed it, but this has to be at least 3 weeks worth of socks here. Pretty bad, I know. But I really didn't give a damn at the time. Then, one night I was watching TV and it hit me how much that looked like a cat laying there, namely, Monkey. Wow. I still cant get over it. The pictures really don't do as much justice as seeing it in person, not so much in the day, but at night, when just the TV is on or after I go to bed and just the stove top light is on. It looks so real sometimes. The part that looks like an ear is part of a tee shirt where it splits at the side and there's a seam, its folded to a point and concave, like a cats ear, very strange.